Sunday, July 22, 2012

Phantogram & Sleigh Bells Photos

I have a lot of updating to do for this blog. Its been a while since I've posted and I have quite a bit to talk about. In the meantime, here is some photos I took of "Phantogram" and "Sleigh Bells" (at a recent show). All shot with a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 & 5d Mark 3.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

ExecutiveLeaders Radio w/ CEO's & Mayor Nutter

Herb Cohen, co-founder of "The Pros Video", now Radio Host of ExecutiveLeaders Radio called me to shoot his radio show. The location was a conference room at Drexel, in the room was the oldest grandfather clock in America (so I was told). I used a Panasonic HMC 150 and manfrotto tripod. I was plugged into the wall and used a high gb/speed card just like mentioned in the previous post for mostly the same reasons. This was a 45-50 minute live radio shoot with an audience behind me so I could not make any noise and I had to capture everything.
(ExecutiveLeaders Radio Shoot)

The special was about how you can start from anywhere and become anyone. The editing is still in process and will be a 3-4 minute piece. I will post it up for anyone who is interested upon completion. I had a good time getting to know all of these powerful/important people. 

Google HQ & Morgan Lewis Shoot

This was a two day shoot up in New York, NY. "DreamIt Ventures" a new client put us up in a hotel overnight to shoot both days back to back.

I had previous obligations and couldn't make it on time friday night (4/27/2012). I contacted Kenneth Kraft, a solid asset to the DMK Films team. This is what he had to say about the Google HQ shoot for DreamIt.

Kenneth Kraft:

"I was lucky enough to be called as a last minute shooter for DMK Films. Once I heard the shoot were to be taking place at the Google Headquarters in New York City, I knew I was in for an interesting event! Coming into the shoot with a background in directing I have also done my share of live-style event coverage with multiple cameras. Derek of DMK Films explained how they wanted it shot and I was more than happy to do my best to accommodate.  The stage was lit very dynamically making it hard to expose for the entire framing. Derek decided we use my Panasonic HMC 150 instead of DMK's Films go to HDSLR's. This was because of the digital zoom feature and deep focus of the camera as well as the professional appearance the camera gave off physically. This camera is very similar to the HVX 200 with the difference of type of media memory. For audio, I used a rode ntg-2 on-board and a zoom H4N that was tapped into the their mixing board. I had a great experience and met some cool people! New York always seems to be a great time."

Saturday morning was the Morgan Lewis shoot. 

(Morgan Louis Building)

This shoot was generally simple, I was documenting CEO's presentations and open form interviews. DreamIt Ventures wanted this to be shot very simplistically and clean. To achieve this I used the same equipment I had Ken Kraft use the day before. I put the HMC 150 on Manfrotto 701head and legs, with the same shotgun mic on top and used the H4N to capture audio from another source. The key to shooting this was to use a large sdxc card as to not change in the middle of anything (64gb Sandisk 95/mbps class 10), plug the camera directly into the wall as to not have to change batteries, position the tripod in a way that I would not have to move and have a great shot, using a good tripod head that is fluid like and looks clean (manfrotto 701), slow zoom button and slow fluid movements all together. I have only recently started taking up corporate shoots. Honestly, its not the most fun thing to shoot but you get to meet a lot of great people, DreamIt took care of us so all in all a great experience. I would like to do this again. 

(30th floor of Morgan Lewis view)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hill Theatre Studio

Working at Hill Theatre Studio was a great experience. The studios main staff, Tom Frkovich and John were very helpful with setting up. We used 700-1,000w diffused Mole-Richardson lights. (Over 8,000w continuously). We used a crane, a borrowed EOS 7D (Thanks Johan), 70-200mm 2.8 Mark II, Tokina 11-16 2.8 and Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 vc. The shoot was for a scene in a short film called "A Night With Nova". This shoot was all about green screen work. 4/16/2012. I won't talk to much about the film so if you are interested check out the "ANWN" Facebook page here.

(above: Conversing about the lighting with Tom Frkovich [gaffer] and I )

(above: Me, setting up the camera/crane)

(above: Kenneth Kraft [Director] and Chris Hicks [AD]) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Queens and Back Again

Today, I went back to queens to follow up with security footage from last weeks gig. The cameras were shut off for the period the items went missing. No chance to recover the footage. Anyway I tried, so now I'm implementing plan B and C which should not be discussed on a public blog, haha.

On a more positive note. I came back home to find two nice sized packages waiting for me at my door.
The 70-200mm 2.8 IS Mark II, and Rode Video Mic Pro have arrived! WOOO. I have never actually used these before, so excited. Its a shame I have to wait until tomorrow, to borrow a camera body. Still waiting on replacement bodies. Most likely another 60D will do for now until my (long awaited) pre-ordered 5dMk3 comes in.

Something else to mention, the Lawsuits music video I did was featured in a music blog. Actually, their show releasing their EP was the main topic but I am mentioned in the article as a producer right above the youtube link to the video. "Baby Don't Go". Here is the link to the specific article on the blog.

Here is the music video I produced. Enjoy!

Working with "The Lawsuits" was a great experience. I have ended up befriending the whole band. They really are a really great group. I love their music. If you are from Philadelphia you must see this local band!

Shoot Details: 
The locations used were Tyler State Park in Newtown and FDR Park in Philadelphia. 
The shoot took about 5-6 Hours total and maybe 12 hours to edit. I created two previous rough edits that are pretty similar to the final product. On the shoot, we played "Baby Don't Go" at half speed to create some of the desired effects here. Brian Dale Allen Strouse, Stephanie Juris and I were the lead creative directors in this piece. If you wish to know any further details. You can either write in the comments or go to my contact page on my website to reach me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NY Timelapse Project

On a more positive note than the last post. I'm working on a timelapse project with daniel innov8. We are creating something really interesting. DMK Films is capturing various strong images of New York in motion. Using time, day, night, short exposures, long exposures, cars, trains, boats, helicopters, people... etc.. you name it we are shooting it. Only the strongest images make the cut.  Dan is creating an original soundtrack/remix to go along with the images. We have bought and plan on building on this idea. Check out the teaser!

Blog Opening

Hello all,

My name is Derek Korogodsky. I am creating this blog so others can follow the projects I'm working on. This will help me stay organized personally as well. I can look back at previous jobs and remember the experience. I have much catching up to do here. 
A bad start for DMK Films. Wednesday night, after a shoot in queens. I was robbed of 65%-75% of my equipment. Over $10,000.00 worth of equipment (1 pelican case) was lifted back stage of a shoot for Ryan Leslie. Unfortunately, I did not have insurance on any of my equipment. The security cameras were shut off during time frame it was taken. I'm going to take this experience and learn from it. One, insure my equipment in the future and make sure that someone always has their eyes on the equipment. I'm looking into implementing a tracking device in my cases and possibly a locking mechanism on the latches. 

I'm thinking of creating a kick starter to help get some of my equipment back. This is my first attempt at creating a blog, for the record. Hopefully, it will all work out in the end.